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 The Men's Cookie Exchange
Arbor Heights Elementary School
Seattle, Washington



On December 19, 2002 we celebrated our sixth annual exchange with excitement abounding, as we had to wait on the arrival of the media before splitting up our cookies.  Channel 5 news arrived right at the 9 o'clock bell, so the school day began with a TV crew in Room 12.   Below are glimpses of a few moments we hope will brighten your holidays - and a special song written just for us!  Happy New Year! - Robert, Alex, Doug, Mark, Keith, Bob, and Dave 

Article in the Seattle Times, 12/21/01


  1. Find out how many men want to bake cookies.  This is important!  The bakers need to know how many to bake for.

  2. Decide on a date and time for the exchange.

  3. Bake your cookies! Make one dozen for each guy in the exchange.  Be careful about how you count!  You only need to bake for the other guys, so  don't count yourself.

  4. Presentation, presentation, presentation... Arrange your cookies on nice, festive-looking plates. Colored plastic wrap and ribbon are optional here, but fun. 

  5. When the day arrives, arrange to meet and share your creations!  You'll be going home with lots of great cookies!

Miscellaneous tips and suggestions:

  • Bars are also just fine.

  • Make copies of your recipe to share with the other bakers.

  • Don't skimp on ingredients - use butter, for goodness sake.

  • Spouses and significant others are NOT allowed to do your baking!

  • Obviously, no Chips Ahoy, Slice 'n Bake, etc.

  • Try to avoid recipes by famous women bakers.

  • Each guy bring an extra dozen to leave out for the rest of the staff to enjoy.

The Men's Cookie Song

by Marv Breece
Sung to the tune of "Rawhide"

Bakin', bakin', bakin'
All the cookies makin'
To the school I'm takin'
MY PRIDE.........
Thru rain and wind and weather,
Light as a feather
OK, they're store bought, I lied.......

Earlier years:

Arbor Heights:


Discovery School,
 Mukilteo, WA

Lake Stickney Elem,
Mukilteo, WA

Let us know if you had a Men's Cookie Exchange at your school! Or send us a link from your baking page.  

Here's a real nice page of recipes from Derry Lyons of the Kent School District.  Thanks, Derry!



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