At Lake Stickney Elementary, we celebrated our third annual men's cookie exchange today. Six guys participated, including one who retired last year. One teacher brought his 1-year-old son for some good modeling. We examined each other's efforts and took some pictures while big band Christmas music played in the background. (Yes, that is a burnt one on top of goodies #3.)

I thought you might get a kick out of my recruitment note for this year's event.

Hey you manly men!
Let's take control of the kitchen, cream some butter with our bare hands, beat some eggs within an inch of their lives, pulverize some chocolate, mash them all together with some flour, fire up the oven, and bake some cookies! 

Happy holidays,
Thom Garrard

Cookie Close-ups:
Goodies 1 | Goodies 2 | Goodies 3

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