NetDay at Arbor Heights

October 25, 1997


Wiring a school for a computer network is no small task. Thanks to the efforts of a wonderful crew of volunteers and generous corporate contributions, we were able to wire twelve rooms at Arbor Heights on NetDay, October 25th. Those volunteers (see bottom of this page) drilled holes, installed raceway, and pulled wire. Our T1 Internet connection will be active by December, 1997!

Click on the pictures below to see volunteers from the Bon Marche' and Microsoft joining with Arbor Heights parents and school district staff to begin the wiring of our school!

















Volunteers on NetDay:

Art Jackson, Bob Kiel, Jeanine Uhrich, Brett Nelson, Mary Tate Klemen, Bob Gordon, Jim Johnson (and Andrew), Dan Carchano, Marcia Kuszmaul, Jamie Dutton, Maryetta and Patricia Timmerman, Steve Spry, Tish Hesse, Mike Reardon, Jim Shewbert, Carl Leatherman, Dene Napolitan, Tom Harville, Dave Wilkie, Mark Ahlness, Arnie Peters, Lori Boyer, Jeff Harville, Joe Lanfrankie, Al Bergstein, Lynn Barnicle, Kevin Cavanah, Bill Shaver, Tom Le, Dave Haines, Randy Hitch, Kristin Storey, Mary Leigh, Lynn Moy, Peter Moy.

Many thanks to all of you!

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