The Bon Marche' at Arbor Heights

  For the past several years, the Bon Marche', a regional department store, has been a partner with Arbor Heights Elementary School. "The Bon", as the store is affectionately known throughout the Pacific Northwest, has contributed special gifts to our school, helped sponsor our Young Authors' Conference, and has paired employees with Arbor Heights students as pen pals to encourage writing skills and foster positive relationships with caring adults.

In the spring of 1997, The Bon stepped forward to help our school expand the wiring of our LAN beyond our computer lab. They have provided financial assistance to support an extensive wiring project which will bring the Internet into several classrooms and our library. In the summer of 1997 the first holes are being drilled, with the assistance of Bon Marche employees.

Click on the small pictures below to see volunteers from the Bon and Microsoft joining with parents and school district staff to drill the first holes (through nine inch concrete!) on August 28, 1997.


Thank you, Bon Marche!

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