Arbor Heights Elementary School

3701 SW 104TH
Seattle, WA 98146
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Phone (206) 252-9250 Fax (206) 252-9251
Dr. Carol Coram, principal

A bigger picture...

   Arbor Heights is an elementary school (k-5) in the Seattle Public School District. We have approximately 425 students. We have both regular graded classrooms as well as some multi-age and split classrooms. Arbor Heights is located in an area of Seattle called West Seattle - just a short distance away from beautiful Puget Sound.

   Technology is an important part of our school and the education of our students. Our school has a T-1 Internet connection. During the 1997 - 1998 school year we expanded the LAN in our computer lab (see NetDay at Arbor Heights) to our fourth and fifth grade classrooms as well as to our Library and four other classrooms. During the summer of 1999, the LAN was extended to all our classrooms.  In the summer of 2001 our building was completely rewired.  We are exclusively a PC (Windows) school. A number of staff have computers at home and Internet accounts with the Seattle School District. Visitors can see a fully functioning sample of our "Welcome to the Internet" start page on our LAN.  

   Arbor Heights has several staff trained as bilingual teachers who serve our diverse ethnic population, offering service to Spanish-speaking and Asian students.

   Our school is also a partner with the Bon Marche - a regional retail store. Pen pal exchanges with employees encourage writing skills and promote positive relationships with caring adults from our community. The Bon Marche also helped finance the expansion of our computer network.

   In June each student at Arbor Heights publishes a book and shares this with other students and adults in an event called the Young Authors' Conference. We also have our own student newspaper published each month, available online at this web site.

   The parents at our school are a very active and integral part of the education process at Arbor Heights. The PTSA is a well organized group which benefits the school with proceeds from numerous fund-raisers. Parent volunteers are plentiful, and their contributions include tutoring, fund raising, driving on field trips, grounds maintenance/beautification projects, and more.

   The Seattle School District, at offers more information about our school and others in Seattle.  Or give us a call at (206) 252-9250. We look forward to hearing from you!

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