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Math for the week of Feb 1-4:

Bang on Time
or one of these:
 Elementary Math Sites (link)

These are the top ten WWW sites chosen by the third graders in Room 12 at Arbor Heights Elementary School! 
Updated June 17, 2004

2. Falling Water!
3. Peregrine falcon nests!

6. SpongeBob SquarePants
8. Cartoon Network


The Curriculum

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 From 2002-03
Last Day 1
Just hanging out..
Young Authors!
Earth Day Groceries

Last Day 2

Also, check the Earth Day Groceries Project and the Young Authors' Conference!

From 2001-2002:

Last Day 1& 2

Check us out on the Earth Day Groceries Project

...and our Young Authors' Conference


From 2000-2001

Last Day 1& 2

Perfect Attendance!

Young Authors

Earth Day Groceries

Book Character Day

A slideshow of some of our bird drawings!


From 1999-2000

Last Day 1& 2


Young Authors

Earth Day Groceries!


From 1998-99

A serious group..


Earth Day Groceries!


From 1997-98

 Computer Wizards


Last dayof school!

Peregrine Falcon Slideshow

From 1996-1997
Last day of school!
Happy group!?
TWO computers!

Voting for President
Book Character Day
Newsweek Magazine 

From 1995-1996

The kids of Room12!
On the last day of school!

From 1994-1995

The kids of Room12!
Our WWW computer

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