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Date: Fri, 2 May 1997 09:31:59 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Random Thought: In The Image of....

I was just reminded of a profound view of people on my campus that I had adopted a while back but curiously had let slip from my conscious thoughts. What would happen if each of us believed--really believed and lived that belief--in the natural and inherent sacredness and nobility and unique potential of each student and ourselves, perhaps believing--truly believing and living by that belief--that each of them and each of us are made in the image of God. My memory was just jolted by a new e-mail friend who reminded me of the time I heard a priest on a Bill Moyers PBS series express this view in a way that had a profound impact on me. He asked us to imagine that angels precede each person, walking before them as people walk through the world, proclaiming; "Make way! Make way for the image of God!"

If each of us consciously and constantly thought of this; if each of us believed this, felt this, lived by this; if each of us clearly saw and heard such ethereal messengers as each student passed us campus, entered our office, came into the classroom, stood before a bank of adminstrative windows; if we consciously viewed every student this way as we advised them, as we taught them, as we counseled them, as they needed a question answered and/or problem solved, as they wrestled with a personal or academic issue, I wonder if it would make a difference in how we would see them, how we would listen to them, how we would feel about and think of and behave towards them. I wonder if it would make a difference in whether we would struggle and the extent to which we would struggle, to reach out and welcomingly embrace each of them. I wonder if it would make a difference in whether we would attempt to get each student to believe in, search for, discover, and tap their inner uniqueness. I wonder if it would make a difference in deciding whether each of them should be our personal, professional, and institutional top priority.

I was deeply impressed with this thought at the time I saw the show; I am even more profoundly struck now that my new-found friend has brought this way of looking at people to the forefront once again. Just this jolting reminder has made a meaningful difference in my life today.

Make it a good day.


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