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Date: Fri, 18 Oct 1996 07:24:31 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Random Thought: Educational Theater, II

I was walking the campus late yesterday afternoon, taking my mind off the ravages tropical storm Josephine has wrought on my house, watching a bunch of neat young people playing football on the front quad, lounging near the empty library foundation, going to and from the library and classess, meandering towards the Palms, just chilling, and doing a host of things young people do.

I sat down on one of the benches under the umbrella of a tree in front of the library, images of the day's classroom theater productions dancing across my mind and soul, wondering what Friday's --today--productions will hold. And, I thought how we so extoll, embrace, laud over, spotlight, "brag on" and delight in the "extraordinary" students. But, you know, if we spent as much time and effort and concern with, if we devoted as much attention to, if we looked as carefully at, if we believed as much in, if we cultivated as much, if we persevered as much with, if we did not give up on, and if we caringly and lovingly embraced as much the so-called "don't belongs" and the "ordinary" students, we would discover so much that is extraordinary in each one of them. Have I said this before? Anyway, it bears repeating and reminding over and over and over.

Make it a good day.


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