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Fri, 13 Oct 1995

It is a nice early, cool, inviting morning. I hardly broke a sweat. As I was pouring my cup of coffee, I looked at the button that was lying on the counter and it reminded me of a small event at the Student Union that happened yesterday afternoon.

It's Homecoming Weekend at VSU. And there's a lot of crazy stuff going on this week. I standing in line chit-chatting and laughing with a bunch of students as we waited to get one of those useless, over-sized, computerize photo portrait buttons. I had gone to the Student Union to get a pair of tickets for tonight's George Carlin show. I noticed the students waiting to get their electronic picture taken. I decided to get one.

I was admiring my button and thinking mischievously that my beautiful wife would love to have me pinned on her chest at work and had turned to walk upstairs to get my tickets when out from the line came a voice.

"Hey, Dr. Schmier."

I turned toward the voice. "I saw you getting wet in the dunk pool during 'Happening.' Even tried my hand at it to get even with all you professors. I've heard a lot about you and I've got a question for you. I want to be a teacher. I was wondering what you think is the one thing I need to be a good teacher?"

Without missing a beat I quietly shot back with a big grin, "A loving, caring, nurturing, supportive, encouraging heart." I told him remembering a conversation I recently had with a friend. "A teacher with a large heart is more important for students than one with a big reputation, great intelligence, large title, and a long resume."

He smiled. And off I went get my tickets with my button pin to my chest.

Have a good one.


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