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Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 08:07:53 -0400 (EDT)
Random Thought: A Real Quick Random Thought: At My Best

This just popped into my head as I finished my walk. I was cooling off in the hot, humid, mosquito riddled air by the fishpond, joyfully thinking about the nearly three hundred caladiums I'm going to put into the garden today. I slowly stared at the pond and pergola, turned my head to gaze at the three room addition to the house, all of which I built over years by myself.

We've just finished a week-long presentation of the "Scavenger Hunt Project." Now, all the communities are gearing up for the semester-ending "NY Times Project."

You know when I think I am at my best as a teacher? It is when I am least visible. It is when I fill the class with the perfumes of potential, believing, possibility, aspiring. It is when I side step the controlling answers to the students' dependent "what do you wants" and submissive "what should I dos" and fearful "what do you think abouts" and reluctant "is this okays." It is when a community in the class says jubliantly and triumphantly with words and gestures , "We did it by ourselves."

It when they begin to understand why I am not surprised.

To my Christian friends around the world, a Blessed Easter, and....

         Make it a good day.


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