Student editor: Kate, Room 25
Editors: Mrs. Thompson , Miss Hammes

Book Character Day Tuesday, Oct. 31st

Become a character from a book that you have read by yourself or someone has read to you. Just bring your costume to school in a sack. We will be dressing up the afternoon of Oct. 31st. We will have an all school recess and two parades!

We will share our costumes and have treats at the end of the day. Mr. Leatherman says to enjoy your party. Treats are furnished by the Bon Marche and Arbor Heights School. Yummy...........

Jr. Seahawks Publish on the World Wide Web!

Stop by Room 22 or Room 12 to see Arbor Heights Students' work on Cool Writers' Magazine.

Mrs. Crichton and Mr. Dorr's classes have written Seattle Mariner's rhymes. Mr. Wagner's room has added poems, too. If your class wants to publish, let us know.

Maya in Mr. Ahlness' room is making a web page on sea turtles. She has picked out beautiful photographs for you to view, plus written a poem. and facts about turtles.

When you invite trouble, you can be sure it will accept!
Author unknown...

Arbor Heights Raises Salmon !

by Eric and Makala
We went to the hatchery on October 23rd. About three fish jumped out of the water onto the gravel. We got to touch a salmon and gills. Their teeth were big. They cut and measured the salmon. They put nets over the top of the little salmon so the sea gulls wouldn't eat the salmon.

When they caught the salmon they used a big net, two boxes and gloves. To remove the salmon eggs, they split the salmon right down the middle, and squeezed out the milt and eggs. The milt is microscopic sperm which fertilizes the eggs so they can grow into salmon. We saw some blood dripping out. We brought the salmon eggs back to school.

Mr. Dorr measured the temperature of the water in the aquarium. He made little tweezers and spread the milt and eggs around in a pan in the aquarium.

On the 24th we found 3 dead eggs.

Help us keep the aquarium clean. Please do not put your fingers into the water or tap on the glass. The salmon won't survive if we don't keep the water clean.

Bubble Gum is Good

by Alex
Bubble Gum is very good
Although it sticks on your feet
It freezes when it gets very cold
And it melts away in the heat

I'd like to eat it everyday
Or every other hour
My favorite kind is Apple Pear
But it gets pretty sour

I saw some gum on the street one day
A guy said, "Hey that's mine"
I looked at my watch
I was late for school
It was already a quarter past

Classroom News

Room 21—Sonya

In our classroom we are doing transformations in math/art. You can see them when you come into our room.

For open house we did a project everybody thought was paper mache. It was actually masking tape and shoe polish on glass bottles.

We've read Toughboy and Sister, A Cricket in Time Square and now, The Double Life of Pocahontas. Have you read any of those books? Some of us are making neat, folded paper boxes.

Room 25—Sarah, Kate

Mr. Wagner has been a great teacher this year and so far he has been teaching us how to use our lap tops. They are so cool. One of the things he has been teaching is how to use the Type program, the calculator and Math Blaster! There are two really popular programs called Super Munchers and Oregon Trail. There are lots of fun programs, too, and if you are in Room 25 next year you will be lucky.

Room 24—Alissa

In Room 24 we have been studying salmon. We got salmon eggs from the fish hatchery on Lake Washington. We went down by the salmon pond and saw huge salmon. We saw them take the salmon eggs and the milt out of the salmon. Then we took some of the eggs and the milt from the salmon and brought the eggs back to school to raise. The milt fertilizes the eggs. later we will take the grown salmon and release them at Longfellow Creek.

Room 23—Jesse, Mary

We wrote a story about a monster who would not talk. We wrote another story about a monster who would only eat one thing. We think we would like eating only fast food hamburgers. Yummy!!!

Room 19—Hannah

Yesterday our room went to The Pumpkin Farm and The Carnation Farm. We saw a video of a calf being born. We saw a horse, donkey, lamb and bunnies. We got to pet the animals. We took a train ride at the pumpkin patch. We all got to pick our pumpkins to take home.

Room 18—Joseph

In our room we have been studying patterns in math. I liked dipping apples in paint to make patterns.

We brought teddy bears from home and grouped them into big or small, and bears with or without clothes. Our class made hats for Mariner's Day.

We are learning about our body. We are putting together life size skeletons out of paper with bones and muscles.

We like our class because it is fun!!!

Room 17- Meridith, Ashley

The 2nd and 3rd graders are reading Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Everyday we have center time 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM. We have math from 10:00 to 10:45. We made our "Self Shed." We have snack time and we read!

Some kids like to make card houses. Some kids like to play with pattern blocks. Some kids like to read a book.

Room 16—Jurrod, Brittany

Our class had a survey on multi-age classes. Our results were 17 people who liked multi-age and 5 people who didn't.

We think our class is fun because we have center time.

We had seven baby pinkies in our room. Two were eaten by the mother. We are naming the baby pinkies by the days of the week.

Room 15— Alex, Amanda

Today we made butter out of cream and it tasted so good on crackers. We perform a lot of plays like, "Mother Doesn't Want a Dog" and the "Golden Goose." We are going to do, "Miss Nelson is Missing" and the "Stinky Cheese Man."

Room 14—Anthony

The computer news... We like to play Math Blaster. I like to play it, too. It is my favorite game so far. It is neat. From now on I will play it whenever I have free time. It has six stages and has five things to do. You can play the middle square. I feel happy because I can play Math Blaster at school!

Room 12—Shannon

In Room 12 we are arranging to have pen pals. They live in Australia. I think it will be fun.

We are going to get our pictures on the World Wide Web. I think it is cool that anybody can see our picture on the World Wide Web.

We are finding neat bookmarks on the Web. That is where we find neat places and we save cool things. The most popular bookmark is one that Cale found, one about the Seattle Mariners! Everybody visits that bookmark.

Everybody liked the student store.

In math we are learning the Roman numerals. It is fun!


Room 9—Wendy

Hi, I'm Wendy. In Room 9 we do lots of art. We're getting ready for Halloween. We made decorations. We have a nice calendar. We wrote poems.

We're learning about health. We're learning health from "Here's Looking at You 2000." The other day Reggie bought 12 pepperoni!

At reading time we read very good books.

Room 8—Giang, Elysia

In our classroom we just had our second math test.

We are making apple head witches for Halloween. Each Friday we have something called Game Day. We play games for the last 30 minutes of the day.

In math we are rounding numbers and doing some hard story problems. We do something called the Exchange with art, science, health and computers.

Room 7—Stephanie

In our class we are making apple witches. First you have to carve your apple. Then you hang it with a string by the stem. Then you let it sit for 24 hours. Next you cut eye holes big enough for beans to fit in, but not too big. Then you make a nose hole the same size. You cut a mouth hole for rice (for teeth). Then you let it sit overnight.

Next you put the black-eyed beans in the eye and nose spots. You let it sit for a few days. Then you put this stuff on it so they won't rot. Then you let it set for a week.

Then you put a popsicle stick at the bottom. Then you put cloth around the stick and then put a hat on the apple head. You put yarn for hair on the hat and glue the hat to the apple head. Then you are done!

Room—4 Domodos, PM

We have been learning our letters. We made an "E" out of egg shells. We had doughnuts to eat for the letter "D". We are learning "AB" patterns in math. We are also learning to count to 100.

We play games in computer and learn our ABC's. Every day we have calendar and do the weather.

Room 3— Timmy, AM

My favorite time in kindergarten is free activity time. We can play with toys, look at books, look at birds, play house, play with play dough or do home work.

We have two little birds and they make noise. We go to gym, music and computers. We learn a lot of stuff.

Room 1— Adam

Our class went to the pumpkin farm. We saw a puppet show. The show was really funny. We also went through a hay maze. I got lost in it! It was fun.

Then we went through a scary house. Spider legs were hanging down and we walked right through them. I was scared because I thought they were real legs. Everyone in our class got to take a pumpkin home with them.


by Trung
A computer chip that controls what you watch on TV was OK'd by Congress. Do you think the V-Chip should be used on new TV sets? (violence chip) Who should decide what kids watch on TV? Lawmakers, Broadcasters Parents or Kids?

In room 24, out of 21 kids, 2 voted for lawmakers, 2 for parents and 17 kids thought that kids should decide what they watch on TV.

Take the survey and see what happens. Ask your parents what they think.

Last but not Least....

Mr. Wilkies Computer Trivia

Yikes!!! Help Me!!! I've forgotten some of the things I learned about computers last year. Do me a favor and tell me the answers to these two questions. What is the difference between a FLOPPY DISK and a DISKETTE? What part of the computer do you put in the FLOPPY DISK and DISKETTE in? Thank you so much for helping me out. If you know the answers to these questions please tell me as soon as you can. Just in case you don't know the answers, I will print them in the next school newspaper. Mr. Wilkie.
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