Student editors: Jacob, Sonya, Jing Wen

Editors: Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Shaw, Communication Center, Room 22

October 1994


Friday, Oct. 28th

Become a character from a book that you have read by yourself or someone has read to you. Just bring your costume to school in a sack. We will be dressing up in the afternoon of Oct. 28th. Make a name tag that tells which character you are and the title of the book. We will share our costumes and have treats at the end of the day.



Room 24 found out how much water you use when you are:

Answer these questions:

This report was done by Pablo and Ricky


My class and I looked up how much water was in a cubic foot and it is a lot. Mr. Dorr even called the water department (Metro) and asked Jim Henderson if this was true. There are 7 1/2 gallons in a cubic foot! by Ricky

Our class has figured out that our families have used up 3,762,055 gallons of water for just one year. We separated into groups and shared how much water our families used. It got so hard and confusing we had to use calculators. by Sonya


Rashamira and Buffy won pumpkins by estimating the weight of an 11.53 lb. pumpkin. Rashamira was the first place winner! Rashamira estimated 11 pounds, Buffy estimated 12 pounds and 3 ounces. They were very close. 11.53 lbs. means about 11 1/2 pounds. There are 16 ounces in a pound. by Jing Wen and Irma


Room 21 Dung

We have read two books. We have finished one which is, "Abel's Island." It is a book about a mouse named Abel. He and his wife were having a picnic when a storm began. They ran for a place to hide. He was separated from his wife during the storm He washed up on an island. He met a friendly frog. Will he go back home with his wife? Read the book and find out. The second book is, "Toughboy and Sister." It is about a boy and a girl whose mother died and their dad brought them back to the fish camp. Something happened to their day. They are all alone. Will they survive? Read the book to find out.

Room 25 Matt

Mr. Wagner is great this year, as always. He is reading, "The Great Brain" and helping us study the Middle Atlantic States. (You know, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland) plus the new reading book is great. It has some great stories- "The Wreck of the Zephyr," "The Talking Eggs," and the "Voyage of the Dawn Treader." And boys and girls remember, Character Day. Speaking of which, why don't we get Halloween off? Sure, it's not a major holiday, but it's celebrated by almost every kid 15 and under in the United States. (I thought of a lot longer and more colorful explanation, but the editor won't let me print it.)

Room 24 Jacob and Sonya

On October 24th Rm. 24 went on a field trip to the fish hatchery at the University of Washington to get salmon eggs. We saw college students catch the fish in a big net. They took the female fish and removed the eggs. They removed the sperm from the male fish. Then we took the eggs and sperm (in jars) back to school. After fertilizing the eggs we put them in the aquarium. Later, after they've grown for 120 days, they will be released into a creek. For Open House we made stuffed figures of ourselves to sit at our desks. The parents really liked them and thought they were funny.

Room 23 Adam

Her name is Marilyn Anderson and she is a new teacher at Arbor Heights. Ms. Anderson says, "I grew up in Seattle." I taught the last two years in a Chapter I program in the Buckley area which is near Mt. Rainier. I have two sons, Joshua, age 20, and Joey, age 17. They live in Poulsbo. I live on Queen Anne Hill with my kitty, Bruno. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is spaghetti. I love to folk dance ad swing dance. I love to read. My favorite book is "Gone with the Wind." I will have my Creative Arts in Education Masters Degree by January." Welcome to Arbor Heights, Ms. Anderson.

Room 18 Michaela

We're making books in our class. We made one page where we had to color a person that had to look like us. Ms. Shavey is drawing all the kids in the class on one of the "person" pages. We have a pet bird. The bird's name is Blueberry because he looks like blueberries. He's a quiet bird and doesn't chirp a lot. When I stick my fingers in the cage he bites me but it doesn't hurt!

Room 17 Taylor and Danielle

In October we went on a field trip to Remlinger Farms and Carnation Farms. We went by bus. At Carnation farms we saw cows being milked and calves in the nursery, The mom cows were getting ready to have their babies. They showed a movie of a calf being born. At Remlinger there were lots of pumpkins. The goats were really friendly One bit a name tag off and ate it. There were grey and light brown ponies. We saw beautiful birds and a baby lamb. The bunnies were very soft. They let us pet a chicken and a pig. We watched a puppet show called, "The Candy Corn Carnival." Then we went on a train ride and ran through the hay maze. No one got lost in the maze. The most fun thing was carrying the pumpkins to the bus. Some were so big that they had to be dragged.

Room 16 J.J. and Mallory

Room 16 has two snakes! They are corn snakes. One is albino, and it is orange and white. The other one is a regular corn snake. It is brown and white. They eat frozen or living pinkies. (Pinkies are baby mice.) They don't have teeth, either. They are constrictors. The mystery--someone found the orange snake in his cubby. Then another kid from Room 15 found the brown snake in the radiator. Mr. Femiano cut a hole in a box and put it right by the radiator. Sooner or later the snakes came out and now they are home, sweet, home! We have a salamander, too. We don't know how old he is. He looks funny when he walks. He swims fast. He eats crickets. His name is Lucky. He lives on land.

Room 15 Jed and Serena

In our class we are studying wolves. We learned that they fight to see who is the top wolf. They hunt in packs for rabbits, deer, and moose. Wolves are the lions of the northern hemisphere. They are found in North America, Europe, and Asia. And in all of these places, the lives of wolves are similar to the lives of lions in Africa. Baby wolves get a lot of loving care from the moment they are born. The mother and father make sure that they are well fed, cleaned and protected constantly. Wolf parents are among the best animal parents in the world. More news--Mrs. Piggy is our pet guinea pig. She likes to be held and she runs fast. If you pick up the shoe box that's when she really runs. She looks kind of black with a little white on her lead.

Room 14 Katrina and Dustin

We have a pet hamster named Peaches. He eats hamster food. He shows off in front of new people and when people borrow him, he climbs his cage. We write sentences in language in the morning when we get in. It's fun because afterward we get free time to play with Peaches. Drawing is our favorite thing to do when Ms. Marckx is reading stories. One was called, "Mousehaven Manors." The other book is, "The Box Car Children," which is kept is a boxcar with other chapter books. We're going to start reading small Halloween books. Another fun thing was making a ghost outlined in marshmallows. It took 704 marshmallows to finish him.

Room 12 Bryan

In Room 12 we do journals in the morning. We have a student teacher whose name is Dennis Raymond. He teaches math, language, English, Art and Science. We have almost eight different teachers: Ms. Luke, Ms. Salter, Ms. Sato, Mr. Ahlness, Mr. Raymond, Ms. Kay and Mr. Wilkie!

Room 9 Wesley and Nicole

In our class we have activities such as a listening stations, art table, computers, and much more. Every day our class does journals first, then Daily Oral Language, Math, recess, Reading, lunch and either Social Studies or English. We have three people who are new to this school. One's names James. He moved here from Gig Harbor, (by Tacoma, WA). The other one is Justin from High Point Elementary. I'm the other one. My name is Wesley. I moved from New Mexico. New Mexico is in the southwestern United States. Hi, this is Nicole from Room 9. We are studying about time, but most of the time we are having a hard time leaning about time! Most of us are catching on. We still need some more practice on it, though. We are also learning cursive. The letters we have been learning are small leters. We have brand new students, in fact--three. All three of them are boys. We, the children of Room 9, hope that people treat them nicely.

Room 8 Dana and Ratty

In Room 8, we have a new student named Kenneth. Kenneth is from a private school. We are learning about history, in social studies. In math, we are learning how to round numbers. For Halloween, we are making witches with apples for heads and cloth for the rest of the body. About everyday Mr. Wilkie comes to our room.

Room 7 Cameron

In Room 7 we are making apple heads. First, we peel the apples and then we let them hang for about a day. The next day we make slits in the apple for the eyes, nose and mouth. Then we put black-eyed peas in the slits for the eyes. Next we put grains of rice in the mouth for the teeth. The last step is to let them hang for two weeks until they shrivel up.

Room 4 Allison

Room 4 has been studying bears. They start with the letter "B". We have made bears out of playdough and biscuits. For the letter "A" we used the jewelers loupes to look at apples and we tasted applesauce!

Room 3 Heather and Jeffrey

Room 3 has been doing tests to see how smart they are. We got to hop over a ruler and copy things. There's a story time when Ms. Stroh reads a story. One story was about a scarecrow and a little old lady who wasn't afraid of anything. She wore shoes that went clop, clop and a shirt that went shake, shake. The gloves went clap, clap and her head went nod, nod. It was a funny story. These are some of the things we do: music, stations, computers, gym and lunch. The best things about school are eating lunch, seeing friends and recess.

Room 1 Hillary and Stephen

We've been reading lot's of stories. One was called, "The Chicken and the Duckling." It was about a duck. It hatched before the chick. The chick followed the duck everywhere. At the end the duck went for a swim and the chick tried to follow him and almost drowned. The duckling saved the chick and the duck went for another swim. The chick said, "Not me!' We have 22 boys and girls in our room. There are more boys than girls.


Mr. Ahlness took four kids to the Council of Great City Schools at the Westin Hotel on October 15. They were Jamaal, Cameron, Kate and Stephanie. I was one of them. We got to work on the computers from 2:30 to 4:00. They were Macintosh computers so we didn't know much about them. When we left we got a t-shirt, a magazine, and perfume for free. When we arrived there was another school there so we had to wait, but it was still fun. by Stephanie


I have two questions for you! There is a section of the computer called the CPU. Do you know what CPU stands for? For you advanced computer users, do you know what the CPU does in the computer? If you have the answers or you would like to find out the answers to these two questions, see Mr. Wilkie.


My most unforgettable place was Hood River, Oregon, where I made my first friend in the Northwest. It was a golden retriever named Cindy. We became fast friends. In 1992 I rebuilt a fort that had sustained some damage. Cindy was watching me remodeling the fort. Now she is a very old dog that can still catch up with my grandpa's quad runner going at full throttle. That is my most unforgettable place.