Student editors: Jacob, Sonya, Jing Wen Editors: Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Shaw


Microsoft is holding a contest. You can write an essay that's 50 words or less. Write about what the coolest computer would do. Be creative! Think about anything and everything but remember, 50 words or less. If you win, you get a tour of Microsoft, lunch with Bill Gates, a Multi-Media Computer, and you may appear on a national TV show. You must be in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade. Send entries to:
Imagine the Magic
P.O.Box 522
Sayreville, New Jersey
Entries must be postmarked by December 31,1994. Winners will be anounced on January 20, 1995 Submitted by: Jing Wen & Sonya


Bill Gates is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. He got married last year. His wedding took place in Hawaii. He bought a book at an auction for 30 million dollars. The book was written by Leonardo da Vinci. It was written in chalk and ink on paper between 1506 and 1510. by Sergio


I have three questions for you...The term "bug" as used in computerdom means an error or problem that occurs in running programs. Question: Where did this word come from? This word came from the early 1940's. A dead moth found inside the computer was believed to have caused it to crash. The moth is preserved at the Virginia Navel Museum. If you would like to find out the answers to these questions, write to Mr. Wilkie. Put your e-mail address on the mail.

THANKSGIVING NOV. 24 (always the 4th Thursday of November)


These poems are still being revised by the students. They are so "cool" we just had to have them in the Jr. Seahawk News.


The silly sailor slid to sea
For a quiet place to sleep
On his way out...
He crashed all about
And suddenly went under quite deep...
He knew he would drown
But he didn't know when  
Yet it happened right there and then...
He knew as he went under
As he fell in a cave 
This silly sailor would be quite brave...
A mermaid did come from
That dark secret cave
She was swimming and
Searching this sailor to save...
She found him, they kissed
And the sea water hissed
From the warmth of their love 
And the sun up above...


The Ocean swallows the sand, the rocks, and the little children
 That never learned how to swim.
 The Ocean is also a home for all the little creatures to the big,
 From the numbained Sponge to the great Blue Whale.    
 The Ocean could be a nightmare or a friend. 
 Everyone has a different point of view, 
 What is thee Ocean to thee?


Peter pops a pickle
In his mouth
Slippery and slimy
Like a slug
Warty like a frog
Sour like spinach
Eats the pickle
Like a slob
Down the tube it goes
Feeling squishy

As I look Outside Today

Haiku by Annalisa
As the trees blow fast, 
Birds fly down south with other birds,
As I look outside today.
I see the river freeze,
And penguins come to catch some fish,
As I look outside today.
The ground is covered cold, 
And children play and make snow angels there,
As I look outside today.
This is a big picture, 
In my mind it circles round, 
As I  Look Outside Today.

Arbor Heights

by Kristi
A great school!
Really cool teachers!
Best friends!
Outrageous playground!
Really awesome assemblies!
Hip people to play with!
Extra neat classrooms!
Icy playground in winter!
Great Library!
Hip-hop Books!
Top school!
Super fun!
Arbor Heights


Someone came into Rm. 16 during conference night and let two snakes out. The albino corn snake was found in a hole in the hallway. It was dead. We hope the other one is alive and well. We sure miss them. Group story by Room 15



Room 21 Dung

In Rm.21 everyone has a pen friend. Some students have done it before, some have not. Nov.10th was the first time to write letters to the employees of the Bon Marche. We hope to get answers back soon. Nov. 17th was the birthday of August Mobius. We made Mobius shapes, cutting them out of paper. This lesson was called Topology.

Room 25 Matt

Hi, it's me again, Matt, the man with a thousand options. In Mr. Wagner's class we are...(drum roll, please)...hoping that Mr. Wagner doesn't give us 6 homework assignments! Just kidding, we are just learning, learning, learning, learning. **!!SLAP!!** (Oh thanks, I needed that.) In our reading books we have had another great story called, New Providence. It's about a fictional town that they follow from 1910 through 1989. It was a lot of fun. Mr Wagner is also reading a great book, The Magician's Nephew, by C.S.Lewis. It's about a boy who is sent out of his world by his Uncle Andrew and...Oh, I won't spoil the ending. Oh, by the way, our laptops are great.

Room 24 Jacob and Sonja

"Class Afloat"- Room 24 is following a group of 51 kids circumnavigating the world on a tall ship, called the Concordia. Every Tues. in the Seattle Times Newspaper, you can find an article about it. The ship has a classroom, radio room, chart and navigation room, wheelhouse, head (toilet), galley (kitchen), pantry, and a messroom(dining room). You can find out more about this in The Seattle Times.

Room 23 Adam & Reggie

We're studying multiplication. Some of us don't like it, but the teacher says we'll need it later. We are writing a story about football. Some students want to play football, but we can't at school. When we get done with our reading we play with blocks and uild robots. This is fun. Young builds the "cool"ones.

Room 18 Michaela

In our room we made masks. They were in the display case. Ms. Ingerslev put them there. Mine is a pig with a bow in her hair. My friend, Carmen, has an Indian girl. Our teacher is very proud of us.

Room 17 Danielle and Taylor

We are doing turkeys and studying about growing. We brought baby pictures and made a big picture. We are reading a book called, BetYou Can't. It's about a boy and a girl. He says, "Bet you can't lift up the basket." She says, "See, I can." The boy goes, "Bet I can lift it up, too." She says, "See, you can't."

Room 16 J.J & Mallory

We are doing puppet shows. Most of us are doing them out of books. One person is making one up. These are the shows: A Very Scary Witch Story, Three Billy Goats Gruff, The Little Red Hen, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Hare and the Tortoise, The Three Little Kittens, The Gingerbread Boy. We are still making stuff for the shows.

Room 15 Jed & Serena

We learned "Abiyoyo." Mrs. Long played the piano. Now we are learning the words to the song. In a couple of days we will dance and sing to the song. The hamsters are in danger right now. In the morning the mom attacked one of the babies and then all of the babies attacked the one that was dead.

Room 14 Dustin and Katrina

After we do spelling, we have freetime. That's the best time. We play with little blocks, unifix cubes, pipe cleaners, making blocks, chalk boards, or play with Peaches, the hamster. We take turns taking Peaches home over the weekend. We have a drawing for Peaches every Wednesday or Thursday to see who takes him home. We might be getting frogs soon. We are studying about frogs.

In music, we just learned a new song, "Gobble", to sing on Thanksgiving. Sometimes we act it out.

We're also making paper turkeys for Thanksgiving.

We have special weeks which the teacher calls, "Very Important People" weeks. Each student in the class gets a chance to be a very important person and have their picture up on the board.

Did you know, Ms. Marckx likes to go hiking? She hikes almost every weekend.

Room 12 Stephanie

In English we are learning about singular nouns and plural nouns. Plural nouns are more than one thing. It's fun to some people, but it's not fun for others. Mr. Raymond teaches us English. Sometimes we have to write the noun int he sentence and then write if it's a singular or plural noun. All we do is read a sentence and see if a word needs on "s" or not. I like doing this.

Room 9 Wesley & Nicole

We are studying science, reading, social studies, and math. We just finished our final experiment on sounds. In reading we just read a book called, Grandfather Tang's Story. We made animals with Tangram pieces and wrote stories about our animals. Conferences are coming soon. For one week we get "halt days" in social studies. We're studying communities. In math we're doing 3 digit numbers. We'll get four days off for Thanksgiving. That's all....

Room 8 Dana & Ratty

Today in Ms Luke's room we are doing our science experiments on "sound". Our parent conferences are this week. We are right in the middle of subtraction and in social studies we are going to have our test about the Native Americans. Last week group two won and got to host game day. We have Bon Marche per friends.

Room 7 Alexandra

After the science assembly Mr. B. came to our classroom and told us that if we wrote him a joke we would get this stuff that glows in the dark. In our class we made 'gak'.

Room 1 Steven

We had a substitute teacher. We called her, Mrs. O. We just made a new camera thing for our lockers. It has a picture of us in the middle. You open the front up to see the picture. It helps us find our lockers better. The names were too hard. We count in Spanish everyday to 44. We go 1 higher each day.

M is for Music

Holiday Musical..... December 20th..... "The Holiday Secret"... is the theme. The Glee Club and all of the classes are working to make their presentation enjoyable and fun. Reserve that date!

THANK YOU News Reporters and Editors!

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