>Jr. Seahawk News - March




Sudent editors: Jacob, Sonya, Jing Wen Niu

Editors: Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Shaw, Communication Center

Snake Alive! Room 16 - Amazing Story by Mallory & Danny

Two months ago someone let our snakes out. One snake died and the other one was lost. We were all sad. On Feb. 14th Danny found the regular corn snake behind the math shelf. It was cold and hungry so we fed it a mouse, not to be mean, but to keep the snake alive.
We named the snake Valentine! e-mail address: rfemiano@cks.ssd.k12.wa.us

Mr. Wilkie’s Computer Trivia.....

HERE WE GO... I’m going to give you two questions , one is for the younger kids and the other for the older kids.
1. How many keys are there on a standard IBM keyboard? Hint: The next time you have class, count the keys.
2. In newspaper, TV, and magazine ads they talk about 8088, 286, 386, 486 and Pentium. What are these things and what do they do?
e-mail address: dwilkie@cks.ssd.k12.wa.us

Matt’s Write-a-Rama - Editorial by Matt

Hi, it’s me again, Matt, the kid with a new opinion. This week, I mean month, I decided to write about why kids are just as capable as adults. If I were president, Congress would be getting a lot more done. I could vote and that person, Newt, you’ve got to wonder about a guy who is named after a reptile, would not be in office. I would be Speaker of the House. Next, I would run for president and I would win because kids would vote. I tell you that there are enough kids in the U.S. to get me in office. Now that was propaganda, and this is the whole truth.

Kids six and over would be able to vote and kids would be able to run for public office. This is my reason. If the adults elect someone who get us two quadrillion, million dollars in debt, the adults would all be in rest homes, while we, the ex-kids, would be dealing with a life of poverty.

So I need support. I need a lot of people to join the Republicrat Party. (Officially the Republican-Democratic party) I could win this, so write to me, please. I’m begging you. You wouldn’t want me to go insane would you? (Don’t answer that!) Wait, I am insane. Well, just write, O.K.? P.S. If you are at this school, drop it off in Mr. Wagner’s box. If not, send me e-mail. gwagner@cks.ssd.k12.wa.us

Poetry: Under Construction - Room 25

Raindrops in Seattle by Huy

“Five hundred feet more to fall 
Nothing in our way at all,” 
Said a raindrop to its friend, 
Falling near the Space Needle. 
Said the second, “Here we go! 
That’s Seattle Center below.” 
Said the first one, “There’s a hat. 
Watch me land myself on that. 
Three hundred feet isn’t far 
One hundred, here we are... 
Fifty, forty, thirty, ten” 
“If we make this trip again,” 
Said the second, “We must fall  
Near a Needle twice as tall,” 
“What a time to think of that,”  
Said the first, and missed the hat!

This writing was inspired by a poem called, “Rhyme of Rain,” by John Holmes from On City Streets.

The Wind - by Christina

The wind blows you 
And it blows me 
It’s strange you cannot see 
It blows the leaves, and also bees 
And even blows the clover 
It blew today, not yesterday 
It blows and blows all over 
It’s strange I cannot see it 
But I think you’d best believe it 
For trees they bend and in the end 
The wind did all things hit 
It blows each day and every night 
In fact, it’s quite a sight 
No wind I see, I wonder why? 
The wind should hide alone in the sky 

True Story: About My Dog - By Koriann

Did you know that my dog, Char, ran away? (She came back, of course.) She did that for a while, but now we hope she won’t anymore. Char is a black German shepherd. She is a year and some months. She likes the color red, and likes to chew on her back. One night my family and I went over to my grandparent’s house. When we got back there was dirt on the floor, and the couch had a big hunk CHEWED out of it! Well, that’s all for now. Do you have any pets, and do they have funny stories? E-mail me at : mahlness@cks.ssd.k12.wa.us and send to Koriann !!!

Arbor Heights Cool Writers

Rm 21— Dung, 5th gr.

On Valentine’s Day, our Pen Friends came from the Bon Marche. It was fun. We had a tea in the lunchroom around 10:00. We had some treats and talked for awhile. They came to our classroom with us. We did some fractions in math. Some left at lunch, but others stayed longer. The people with pen friends that came to school got presents. Others were not as lucky.

Rm 25—Annalisa, 5th gr.

Hi! It’s me again. Well, let’s start with the good news. Jonathan got a letter from North Carolina. We might all have pen-friends from Nova Scotia. My teacher is waiting for a response. OK, now for the bad news. The bad news is (drum-roll, please)..... there is no bad news! Now there is nothing for you guys to feel sorry for. Oh well, maybe next month’s issue. Speaking of next month, I have more good news. Now I get to hold you in suspense for a month. I am going to be the editor of the Editorial Page (My mother will be very proud!) What’s an editorial page? Look for The Editor’s Page in next month’s issue, or ring me some news on the Internet. The rest is history............. gwagner@cks.ssd.k12.wa.us

Rm. 24-- Ch r i s, g r. 3/4

Hi, I’m Chris. We have finished the book, Liars. Today we are meeting our pen friends, but my pen friend could not be here. After having juice and scones, we went to the classroom and played a math game!
Room 24, and 25 are looking forward to the trout farm fieldtrip. Can you make this look like a trout? E-mail: ddorr@cks.ssd.k12.wa.us

Rm. 23—Reggie, Adam, gr. 5

Last Tuesday my pen friend came from the Bon Marche. Her name is Julie. We got together in the school lunchroom with all the other pen friends for a pen friend tea. We had scones which are like a biscuit with raspberry jam in the middle. Then Julie came upstairs to my classroom. She helped me do math. Since it was also Valentine’s Day, we bought imaginary items at a Valentine shop and figured out what we had to pay on the calculator. I like having a pen friend because we write letters back and forth and Julie is nice.

Rm. 18—Machaela, Andy, Gr.2

We made a poster called “Stomp Out Put-downs”. First we started by making a whole lot of put-downs. Then we traced our feet and glued them over the put- downs and wrote put-ups on them. It’s supposed to cover up put-downs. Then we stomped on them on the floor.
We did a DOL (daily oral language) test to show how much we’ve learned. Out teacher was sick for a while with a cold. The substitute’s name was Mr. B. He told us the story about Raven and showed us cool stuff about Indians on the Northwest Coast. Find the Northwest Coast in WA.

Rm.16—J.J., Danny Gr. 1,2,3

We interviewed the school day custodian. He said, “His hardest job is to do his best.” There are two custodians, one in the day time and one in the evening. The thing Tua likes to do best is to fix things. He has been a custodian for 11 years and has worked at a lot of schools. He likes his job and we like our custodian. How many custodians does your school have? rfemiano@cks.ssd.k12.wa.us

Room 14—Dustin, Katrina, Gr. 2

We went to the Seattle Art Museum to look at Indian art. We saw masks, robes, and totem poles. The totem poles were brown, white, and yellow. The wolf mask was cool because of the sharp teeth. We also liked the Thunderbird that was on top of a totem pole. There was a basket woman on a pole, too. She is an enemy to everybody. Mr. Baldwin came and talked to us about canoes. He told us how they were made.

Room 12—Brian, Stephanie, Gr. 3

We made stuff out of clay. Then Mr. Alhness fired the clay in a kiln. We painted them with a glaze to make them shiny. Mr. Alhness fired them again. Then we taped them to a a board and named them.
Mr. Ahlness went to the NCCE computer conference. Our substitute had really long fingernails on his right hand. Why? ... Well, he plays the guitar and doesn’t like to use a pick. He has to pluck all of the strings at once. What was your favorite substitute like? Please write and tell us about substitutes. mahlness@cks.ssd.k12.wa.us

Room 9—Wesley, Gr. 3

We went on a field trip to the International District. We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant. In reading, we are doing cinquains. In math, we’re working on multiplication. We are also working on our Chinese masks in art. Our class wrote about “Green” for the Jr. Seahawk News.

Room 8—Dana and Ratty, Gr. 4

We are learning division in Math. In reading we can choose any type of book report. Some kids do oral, others do written or posters. We have done puppet shows. In Social Studies we are practicing states for a states test. pluke@cks.ssd.k12.wa.us

Room 7—Cameron, Alexandra, Gr. 4

We are doing Jump Rope for Heart. It’s kind of fun. We are still jumping rope in gym. People donate money for our jump roping time, and if we get a certain amount of money, we get prizes.
In class we are doing the Penny Drive. We are going to the Northwest Ballet to see the “Firebird.”

Room 15—Jed, Serena, gr.1

We had an earthquake in Seattle. My house and the plants shook all over. The TV almost fell off the stand. My brother, Ben, put his bike helmet on. We got most of our valuable stuff and went under the table.
We have practice in Room 15 about earthquakes. In an earthquake, all the stuff falls down and gets broken. Things crash into people and they get hurt. I was so nervous. When I was eating, I felt a moving sound.
Ms. Long has safety things. Safety things for us are: space blankets, water, and some food we brought. I hope we don’t have an earthquake! cslong@cks.ssd.k12.wa.us

Rm.17—Danielle,Taylor, Gr.1

We made dioramas. We have more than six books with dioramas. We have been having fun.
At recess we play two square and four square on the playscape.
We have a new student. Her name is Tiffany and we have a new math station. It’s really fun. It has all sorts of things. There’s a new bead adding board.
We’re reading a book called, In the Attic.

Rm 4—Allison, Kellen, K

We’re practicing our numbers to one hundred. Mrs. Broome puts them on a chart on the overhead and we write the numbers on our own chart.
We also have a new puppet. Her name is Porky Pig. She’s pink with purple polka-dots and has a peace sign on her chest.
In gym we play hockey with pucks and hockey sticks. It’s fun.

Rm 3—Colin

We’re on letter “P.” We brought 100 things for the 100th day in school. Heather brought 100 beads and Sara brought raisins. I brought 100 noodles and Cara brought M&M’s. We counted and sorted them.

Rm 1—Hilary, Steven, gr. 1

We are counting in Spanish to 100. It is fun. On President's Day, we got to pass out candy to celebrate. We celebrate all the holidays. We made a monument of the things George Washington did. Washington liked math and horses. He was the 1st president of the U.S. His best friend was his brother. They liked each other as friends, a lot.

Green Is..... by Tommy

Green is the chalkboard. The chalkboard is part of my everyday life. It has the A.W.P. and the Homework!!!! Just saying that word makes me shudder. Just think...... What would this world be like without green? How would you know when someone is seasick?
How would Mr. Dorr see his earwax? Where would the 7up and Sprite companies be when they made their bottles? The bottles would be clear!!! If it weren’t for the label people would think 7up and Sprite were carbonated water!!!
(Write to Tommy and tell us what you think we would miss without green... The editor) ddorr@cks.ssd.k12.wa.us

Get in Touch with Kid-Star Radio Stars! - Article Written by Annalisa

As of being a Kid-Star All-Star, I get a neat magazine. It’s really cool, but I don’t have time right now to explain. There is a way to get in touch with the Kid-Star radio team on the Internet!

Okay, on with my story. I got my magazine in the mail, and there are some cards that come with it in every issue. Well, I looked on the back, and what do “ya” know! There was an Internet address on them! I couldn’t wait to get back to school (a true miracle in my opinion!) Well, the next day, I went to Ms. Thompson and told her about my great discovery in my magazine. She was thrilled about the idea. So, that my friends, is how this article came to be.

I’ll tell you about the radio station. It is Kid-Star 1250, Radio Just for Kids! It is on the AM band and it might be a little scratchy. You can listen 24 hours a day and they play kid songs. Now, for the Internet addresses for the following:

Anni Rae: annirae@kidstar.com 
Jimmy: jimmy@kidstar.com 
Mike: mike@kidstar.com 
Great Scott: gscott@kidstar.com 
Maura: maura@kidstar.com 
And there they are, folks. Try them on the Internet sometime.

Green is ... the color of jade

...Cool as a snake (David)    
...Bunches of ivy (Lauren) 
...My favorite color (Ralph) 
...Money to buy food (Ralph) 
...The color o Shawn Kemp’s jersey(Wesley) 
...The color of my mom’s eyes (Wesley) 
...The color of the Celtic’s jersey (Wesley)  
...Sweet grapes (Justin) 
...Sweet  pickles (Justin) 
...The stuff I like, green trees (Tristan) 
...A pretty, grasshopper bug (Dayna) 
...A sour, salty, pickle (Jamie) 
...Mossy, grass and weeds (Kassandre) 
...Grapes and limes (Sandra)
...Frosting on cookies (Sam) 
...Lime, chewy, gooey creatures from Dr. Dreadful Drink lab   (Jeremy) 
...Green, tricky, leprechauns (Eric) 
...Lucky, St. Patrick’s Day (Thu) 
...A poisonous snake (Shawn) 
...The Sonics jersey (Emmanuel) 
...Pretty, beautiful eyes (Elysia) 
...Chocolate, mint ice cream (Giang) 
...Color, green crayon (Janae) 
...Beautiful jade (Nicole) 
...A lucky, four leaf clover (Ashley) 
 ...Pinching on St. Patrick’ Day (James) 
...Slimy, wet, ocean seaweed (Mark) 
...St. Patrick’s Day (Ashley)