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Sudent editors: Jacob, Sonya, Jing Wen Niu

Editors: Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Shaw, Communication Center


The week before Valentine's Day, Feb. 5-11, is National Salute to Hospitalized Veteran's Day. The veterans would appreciate letters from students. If you would like to send a letter or drawing to a veteran, address it to:
"Any  Veteran"
VA  Medical  Center 
1660  S. Columbian Way 
Seattle, WA. 98108


I have two questions for you... Question: Which computer disk HOLDS more information, the floppy disk or the diskette? Question: What is the difference between a disk drive and a hard drive? If you have the answers, or you would like to find out the answers to these questions, see Mr.Wilkie.


Hi, it's me again, Matt, with many opinions. (Sorry, it would take me two hours to type the number.) I have my own column! So now you get to read my writing for about half a page (Cool, huh?) This week, I mean month, I decided to write about stupid holidays. The other day I was walking around in Room 22, the Communications Center, where we have news reporter meetings. Not exactly listening to Ms. Thompson, I looked at this calendar. It was full of weird holidays! No, not weird, they were just nuts. I was really looking at Handwriting Day, Ahhhhhhhh! I hate handwriting!!! But really, some of these holidays are kind of silly. Have you ever heard of Pie Day or Hugging Day? In February we have President's Day and Ground Hog Day, but we have Weather Man's Day on the fifth and International Friendship Week from the ninth to the twenty-fifth. I kind of wish we'd get them all off from school! Now, here's what I want to ask YOU! My birthday has a really BORING holiday on it, Thank-You Day! So, I need a better holiday for Jan.11th.. So, do me a favor and think of some cool holiday for January 11th. Drop it off in Mr. Wagner's box or send me some e-mail.


by David Macaulay
This book was about Lord Kevin's imaginary castle. I don't like the big words. I like the story when they're having the war. I like the drawings because they're cool. They built a model castle and looked at it for an example. The boat is like Lord Kevin's. He used the boat to get to the water sides of the castle. There was one land side and three water sides. This is a Caldecott honor book. by Geoffrey


Jan 23rd was Handwriting Day. Did you know that? Do your letters slant to the right or left ? Some people think the answer to these questions reveal a lot about your personality. These people are called graphologists, and they study handwriting. Write a small article on anything, and then answer these questions.

1. How do your letters slant?

....What it means:

2. Look at the bar on your lower case "t". Is it:

....What it means:

3. Where do you dot your lower case " i "?

....What it means:
What do think ?
Do you agree with the quiz?
Try it on a friend and see if his/her penmanship and personality match. Happy handwriting!
By Sonya H.
From: "American Girl" magazine


It all started when my mom and I were outside, quietly watching the fox. Then my dog came out and started to bark. The fox looked mad. So he ran and jumped on Jessie! (my dog) They started to fight. It looked scary. I was worried about Jessie. We were screaming and yelling. By then, everyone was out there. When it was over the fox just disappeared into the woods, and Jessie came in with a bloody paw and ear. We got him all better and now he's fine. But now we try to keep Jessie in when the fox is out, because you never know what might happen!


ROOM 21— DUNG, Grade 5

Our class just started on a new reading book. It's called, "Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear." It's a really good book about a boy and his family. Their father is a music teacher and he wants his family to play music as well as he does, but Yang had a terrible ear couldn't hear whether the sounds were high or low. He made a new friend at school named Matthew. Matthew was good at the violin. Matthew was going to help Yangtao play the violin. Could Yangtao and his friend save the music recital? Read it and see how it ends.


I'm doing the stuff about our room now. We have cool lap top computers (the good side), but we still get homework (the bad side). A lot is happening in my class. We can get mail from the Internet from all around the world! If there are any of you who have questions or things to say, talk to me, or send me a note, for that matter. Everything else is just the same. ...the usual teacher with an IQ of 1000, average 28 kids, and the rest is history. Talk to "ya" later.

ROOM. 24—SONYA, CHRIS L., Grades 3/4

Our class wrote letters to the Fire Station that serves our school. We want to tell them how we feel about the four firemen who lost their lives in Seattle.
In our room we are doing multiplication. Mr. Dorr is reading, "Liars". Mr.Dorr is on chapter 20. The book is about a boy who can tell who is lying. We are waiting to see what happens next.

ROOM. 23—REGGIE, ADAM, Grade 5

Our class is working on multiplication, the "3" times tables. In honor of Martin Luther King we made folders and did worksheets about him. We're going on a field trip to the Seattle Aquarium, January 24th. It's going to be fun and we'll have lunch at the waterfront park. We get to touch the starfish and look at all the different kinds of marine life that live in Puget Sound. Visit the Safari Touch Tank on the World Wide Web and see more about life under water.


We made snow people with clothes and decorations from scrap yarn, paper, pastels and cardboard. Mrs. Shavey put them on a mural so we could put them in the hallway. We'll take the dinosaur one down to make room for them. We're having tests in reading and math so we can see how much we've learned so far this year. Today we talked about earthquakes. Scientists think there will be one soon so we want to be prepared. We need to bring in our earthquake kits from home. We're studying about African Americans and about Martin Luther King. We have a rap song called, "Peace Rap."


We are studying about airplanes. We made model planes. In room 17 we have a new student. His name is Omar. We have a new computer. It's really fun and it has new games. Thoughts that Danielle liked from a fairy tale ... A bug sat in a silver flower thinking silver thoughts. A bigger bug was out for a walk. It climbed up that silver flower and snapped. The big bug ate the little bug and... Our teacher is Mrs. Ballard. She is nice because she gives us points. She reads us stories that we like. She is nice to be herself!

ROOM 3—HEATHER, JEFFREY - Kindergarten

We drew pictures for the safety poster contest. We drew pictures like stop and go, like people crossing the street and cars stopping. To cross the street we should hold hands with a grownup. We have to look both ways and wait for the light. We have to cross at the corner. We celebrated Martin Luther King's birthday with a party and drew pictures.


We like the computers because they are fun. We can play Pac Man. It's a game where there's this little thing that eats up all the "a"s. Sometimes Pac Man get's eaten up because this little monster gets him. We also do Bank Street Writer. It shows a rectangle so we can type in words. We trace our hands on a piece of paper and then tape it to the desk. At the end of the day we look at our cards to see what color our cards are. Then we know what color to color the finger of the day. Yellow is good, red is OK, green is OK, blue is bad and orange is, "Call your mom and dad."

ROOM 15—JED AND SERENA - Grades 1/2

We're making puppets. We each had a dollar so we could pick the stuff for the puppets. I picked big red beads, a tennis ball, a container, netting and I had 5 cents left. We're performing , "Froggie Went -a- Courtin'." Mrs. Fletcher came to teach us the music. We are just in the beginning of this production.

ROOM16—J.J., DANNY, Grades 1,2,3

The third graders are learning how to carry numbers. The second grade are writing to 1000. The first graders are writing to 100. Each month we get a new author of the month. The one we have now is Beatrix Potter. She wrote Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle Duck, Floppy Bunnies, Two Bad Mice and many more. If you like these books, write me a letter on the World Wide Web. Write to Mr. Femiano in Room 16.

ROOM 14—DUSTIN, Grade 2

Everyday after first recess we come in and do tests. They're reading tests. We're learning the song, "The Drinking Gourd." We practice it every morning after writing.


In room 12 we have been writing to people in Japan on the Internet about the earthquake. We have a top ten list on our World Wide Web site. The favorite game is the Interactive Game where you can play "Multi-Player Hunt the Wumpus." The White House Tours are popular, too. Three people from our class were on T.V. right in our classroom and I was one of them. The other people were Robert and Krystal. We had to be on the Internet in our class. There were cameras and lights around us. We were kind of scared at first. It was fun to get to be on T.V. I have been on T.V. before so I wasn't scared. The name of the program was "Tools for Technology."


Just a little bit ago it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In math we've been subtracting four digit numbers. We've also been reviewing. We're going to Sea-Tac Airport on a fieldtrip. In reading we're doing poems. It's our second poem in reading this year. These are some of the names of the poems: "Bear," "My Ghost," "Flying Bird," "Teachers" and many more. (Wesley) We are studying graphs. To do a graph of our baby years, we asked our parents questions like: "How old were we when we walked? When did we eat our first solid food?" Those kind of questions... In our reading group, which is taught by Mrs. Salter, we're making poems . I made a poem about a ghost. The title is,"My Ghost". There are many more great poems like "Camp Horrible, "Flying Bird," "Teachers" and "Bears." Tomorrow, which is the 20th, we are going to the SeaTac Airport. In our English we are just finishing our tests. Be sure to send those poems to Rm. 22 so we can publish them in, "The Jr. Seahawk News!" (The Editors)


In room 8 we are taking a Social Studies test soon. In Math, we are doing three digit multiplication. In Reading, we are reading award winning books and making posters on them. If you come near Ms Luke's room near the end of the month, look at the posters and put your name under the one you might like to read. Also in Ms Luke's room we are swimming. We are having a spelling bee soon, too. We are going on an airport tour soon.

ROOM 7—CRUZ, Grade 4

In P.E. we are practicing basketball. We are making hoops. We have two teams and we try to make more points than the other team. I get tired, but it is fun. We are also having a basketball hoopshoot contest.

RM 4—ALLISON, KELLEN - Kindergarten

We are studying the letter "k". We don't have a puppet for it yet. We're going to have a surprise to eat for "k". We get a day off to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday. We made snowmen and put them on the bulletin board with trees, crows and snowflakes. We put straws in the bucket if we know how many days we have been in school. We can then count. Our calendar has snowmen on it. They are different so they show a pattern. We've been talking about Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. She went to jail because she sat in the white spot in the bus. She was black, and black and white people couldn't sit together.



My class and I go to the library. We read and when we finish reading, we find a book. We use a computer to find and check out a book. In the morning, we can play games and get help with our homework. Ms Napolitan gives us stickers because we pick up paper off of the floor. I like going with my class to the library.


by Willie

JAN. 20, 1995
Up until Friday, the J-pod has been in the Puget Sound. My dad, Mark, expected them to be in at 10:00 AM today. On New Year's Day the whales were in. One of my dad's spotters spotted some whales. She saw some bizarre behavior. She thought she saw several whales killing a seal. Still there has never been a record where J-pod has killed or even attacked a seal or sea lion. My dad thinks it was a baby whale being born.

Members of the J-pod include J-1 Ruffles, J-2 Granny, J-3 Merlin, J-4 Mama, J-5 Saratoga, J-8 Spiden, J-10 Tahoma, J-11 Blossom, J-14 Spanish, J-16 Slick, J-17- Princess Angeline, J-18 Everett, J-19 Shachi, J-20 Ewok, J-22 Oreo, J-26 Mike, J-27 Blackberry, J-28 Polaris, J-30, and J-31.

J-30 and J-31 are the newest whales. Both were born around New Year's. Did you know that J-11, Blossom, has two calves? That is a record for one whale to have two calves to take care of. There's a little saying that my dad and I have. It goes, 11—27, 16-26, and 17-28. Now it will be, 11-27-30, 16-26, 17-28, and 14-31. Be on the lookout for those whales, and remember, they were here for 6 days. So when they come in they might stay for a couple of days!


In Room 24 we did an experiment! We had to keep track of how much TV and video games we watched, or played, for a week. Later for homework, we had to add the hours together. Then we had to divide by 24. Then we found out that 29% of our day is used up by TV, 43% school, and 28% is used up by all the other stuff. Mr. Dorr said, "This is scary." What do you think? Send us your ideas.


Ms. Luke is special because she gives out a lot of homework and she makes sure everyone understands the assignment so no one gets confused. She stays late after school so if you forget something she will still be there so you can get it. Ms. Luke is funny. She puts the homework on the board so you won't forget. Ms. Luke is different from other teachers because she gives you treats for different things. What makes your teacher special?


If the ground hog sticks its head out the hole and looks around and sees his shadow, he may become frightened and crawl back into the hole. This is supposed to mean that there is going to be six more weeks of winter. If he does not see his shadow, spring will come soon. This has not been confirmed by science!